Friday, February 22, 2013

Insightful panelists elevate Peace Journalism/Mexico Event

Despite a blizzard, the Center for Global Peace Journalism held a symposium today, "The Crisis in Mexico: Is Peace Journalism Possible?" Two excellent panelists, Mexican peace journalist Cristina Zesatti and Kansas City Star columnist Mary Sanchez, lead this fascinating discussion. We'll have much more on this symposium later. For now, enjoy a few photos of the event, which was co-sponsored by the US Institute of Peace in Washington, DC..

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Call for Papers—The Peace Journalist

The Peace Journalist is a semi-annual publication of the Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University in Parkville, Missouri.

The Peace Journalist is dedicated to disseminating news and information for and about teachers, students, and practitioners of peace and conflict sensitive journalism.

Submissions are welcome from all. For the April, 2013 edition of The Peace Journalist, we are seeking short submissions (300-550 words) detailing peace journalism projects, classes, proposals, academic works in the field, etc. The Peace Journalist will not run general articles about peace, but rather invites only those with a strong peace media/peace journalism/conflict sensitive journalism angle.

Please submit your article, a 2-3 sentence biography of the author, as well as a small head and shoulders photo of the author. Please also submit photos and graphics that could accompany your article.

The submission deadline is March 7. However, given the limited space available in this issue, it’s recommended that you submit your article early. Submit to

The October, 2012 issue of the Peace Journalist can be seen at:

Thank you in advance for your interest in the Peace Journalist.

Steven L. Youngblood, Editor, The Peace Journalist
Director, Center for Global Peace Journalism
Park University
Parkville, MO USA
Twitter: @PeaceJourn