Sunday, April 18, 2010

Census nonsense

From the Parkville Luminary

Taking a page straight out of George Orwell’s “1984”, the United States Federal Government is using the 2010 census as an excuse to compile information that will eventually be used to further enslave and control the citizenry.

Don’t believe me? Google “census and big brother”, and you’ll get 773,000 hits.

Skeptics of this government conspiracy theory (Google “census and government conspiracy” and get 1.3-million hits) need look no further than the Internet for proof of this malevolent plot.

“Census workers are already on the streets of America, and they’re doing more than just jotting down the number of people in your home. They have been given the task to mark the Global Positioning System (G.P.S) coordinates of every house in the United States of America… Over zealous (sic) collection of facts such as household income, description of your property, whether you have running water, a shower or bathtub, type of heating system, the type of fees you have to pay in your community, rental or mortgage payment amounts, (etc.) is requested on some forms. .. This is all way too much information and power for any governing body to have over its citizens,” wrote one blogger. (
Armed with the information that I have a flush toilet, there’s no telling what our shadowy government might accomplish.

Read on: “Why would the U.S. Government desire the exact location of your front door to be entered into their GPS data base when they already have the location of your home in the system?” (one writer) asked. … What would happen in the case of a nationwide emergency? Many United Nations troops, who are not English speaking and are greatly unfamiliar with layout of your town, could use them to locate a home or business that they are required to police or the houses of citizens these UN troops are sent into to take them into custody. Foreign troops are always going to be more willing than any U.S. soldiers to stop an uprising of United States citizens fed up with an increasingly socialist/fascist governing body.” (

I had always suspected that the census is an international conspiracy featuring foreign speakers and the U.N. ready to swoop in the steal our sovereignty.
Another equally prescient Internet writer also has a firm grip on the real reasons behind the census. “What might be the purpose of asking personal and intrusive information? Among the several reasons are: For taxation; For identifying the location of each and every one of us; For deciding who is "fit" to participate in national service, whether it be in the military, paramilitary, or civilian or quasi-civilian "volunteer" organizations; To identify and locate those that might cause trouble; It's very Orwellian, don't you think?” (

For additional clarity on the issue, one need look no further than that oracle of sanity and wisdom, Glenn Beck.
“Beck: Why were they asking the race question, you said when, in 1790? … Right, they want to know, do you count as three-fifths? Do you count at all? So, you have to know how many slaves did you have?...Now reverse it, why are they asking this question today?

Co-host: Because minorities are worth more than whites.
Beck: Exactly right. So you will get more dollars if you are a minority. So you are worth more as a minority. Well there is no difference... At least in 1790, they were doing it to slow the South down on slavery…Today they are asking the race question to try to increase slavery. Your dependence on the master in Washington. No way, don’t answer that question.” (

So, if you fill out your census, you are abetting slavery, laying a foundation for a U.N. takeover of the U.S., and empowering a government bent on subjugating its citizenry. Of course if you don’t, you can be fined $5000. For those of us thinking clearly, the choice on whether to fill out the census is obvious.

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