Sunday, July 18, 2010

Queen Elizabeth Park

After our first seminar, my two students and I stopped at Uganda's spectacular QE park. For video highlights, click here.

All well; on to Gulu

We're in Kampala for a few more hours, then it's on to Gulu for the second peace journalism seminar. The students are doing well. Keith Taylor and Andi Enns both taught a segment at the first seminar. (Click here for photo album)

They are each posting blogs and photo albums of their own.
Keith Taylor blog
Keith Taylor photo album
Andi Enns blog
Andi Enns photo album

In the meantime, yesterday was harrowing--a slowly leaking tire (fixed); then a second leak (mostly fixed--slightly leaking); then it was fine for awhile; then bought a new tire, but had to go shopping for a tool that would remove my weird lug nuts; then under-construction road so dusty that driving on it was like driving in a blizzard. Bottom line--a trip that usually takes six hours took 11 hours! But, we're alive, and that's something. Back on the road in several hours--ugh.


  1. Which way did you go? Taking the Masaka/Mbarara route through QE is tempting, but that road is in terrible condition. I don't know about now, but there's a more northern road that has much less traffic and is in better condition -- although there are fewer towns, etc. along it -- it runs through Bonba.

    Maybe ask Emmanuel or another driver for some tips,

    Good luck in Gulu.

  2. Hi--The fort portal road is under construction, and truly awful. So, we went through Mbarrara. This wasn't much better, though maybe just a little better. Either way, when you factor out the tire troubles, the trip was about 6 hrs.