Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Melting, melting, melting (what a world....)

1. Yes, it's that hot in Arua, in dusty far northwestern Uganda. This is by far the hottest place in the country--low 90's the last two days. At least it cools down at night, which is more than I can say for Kansas City, where it's sometimes 85 or 90 at midnight.
2. Great seminar here with really enthusiastic participants. It's our last three day seminar before the Feb. 18 presidential election. I've started to get nervous about the election. Will radio stations behave responsibly, or will they incite violence?
3. Finally, I am meeting tonight with the Arua Rotary Club, which is co-sponsoring school lunch program here with the Parkville, Missouri Rotary Club. More on this later, including photos, a radio story, and a column.

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