Friday, September 23, 2011

Peace Portal Picks People for Publication

Got some good news this week: A story I wrote about the Uganda peace journalism project will be featured in an upcoming book to be published by the Peace Portal. The story will be included in the book "People Building Peace 2.0" which includes tales from around the world about peacemakers and peace projects. Click here to get a sneak preview of some of the featured stories.

Peace Journalism online course enters second week

Week one of our online course for Ugandan peace journalists was a success. We held a lively discussion, and the students worked on a peace journalism guide that they will share with their colleagues. I've combined the best elements of their individual guides into one publication, which is posted below. Good work journalists!

Peace Journalism:
Peace Journalism is simply responsible reporting. It is reporting that requires a Journalist to present facts about an event or an issue giving due consideration to the salient tenets of ideal journalism. As Journalists, we have an obligation to the people we report about, and to the society to whom we report the news.

Peace Journalism is the trade of gathering, analysis and dissemination of information through any media that is aimed at creating peace rather than fuelling conflict and orchestrating violence. As a Peace Journalist, one has an obligation to study and understand conflict and conflict resolution generally before reporting on it.

• We have a duty to establish the background and case of the conflict this bearing in mind that even perceived grievances are important to perpetuating and in resolving the conflict.--Stephen
• The language used in reporting also counts a lot is Peace Journalism. Understand the language you use in reporting; having in mind the aspirations, traditions, norms and customs of your audience. Choose you works carefully, select images that don’t cause hullabaloo amongst your audience. Avoid words used by parties in conflict that exaggerate events.—Stephen
• Journalists are also expected to desist from partisan politics because they are expected to be the voice for the voiceless through expressing people’s opinions—Anatory
• Media houses should Endeavour to own whatever is said and done; must ensure social responsibility. --Anatory
• You should fight to stick on your core values. Do not let money overpower your ethics. Make that politician who is trying to bribe you or any other person that you are not working for him but for the good of the people.--Alison
• Identifying the goals of the various parties involved directly or indirectly in a conflict, and possible contradictions between them.--Ruth
• A Peace Journalist should expose the truth / untruth on all sides and try to name all wrongdoers and treat equally seriously allegations made by all sides in a conflict without exaggerations and propaganda.--Betty
• Talk show host especially political or panellist even moderators should avoid using bad languages in their show and even controls callers from using bad languages during their shows.--James
• PJ represents the trauma and experiences of all the parties in the conflict. This is done in a very professional, balanced, fair and non exploitative approach --Emmanuel
• A journalist shall not originate or encourage the dissemination of information designed to promote or which may have the effect of promoting tribalism, racism or any form of discrimination.--Felix
• A peace journalist must practice impartiality to avoid taking sides in any conflict. Peace journalists should never take bribes, hand outs, free machinery as these acts could distort the news.—Gilbert
• As a Peace Journalist, you ought to give a wide ear to those involved in bring peace. Report on the efforts of those working on peace and reconciliation every bit as much as those who exacerbate the conflict. Seek wide explanations and analysis from those outside the conflict like experts. Get their view on the causes of the conflict and also seek their views on how a conflict can be resolved peacefully.—Julius

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  1. That was a great Job Done...Dear peace Journalists lets keep the fire Burning.
    Ruth Atim
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