Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Diverse group leads to lively discourse

Participants plan, discuss
 This week’s first peace media and counterterrorism seminar in Kampala has brought together an eclectic mix of Ugandans, including journalists and those who work at facilities that might be at-risk for terrorist attacks. These facilities include schools, tourist and wildlife centers, and bar/restaurants. One of the participants represented a bar/club that was bombed by al Shabab extremists in July, 2010.

This was, by any measure, an engaged, energetic group, especially when they formed into teams. In these teams, the participants created a blueprint for a community security committee and produced anti-terrorism public service announcements (click here to listen). Their PSA’s were engaging, smart, and delivered important vigilance messages to the public.
Dr. Ken Christopher--"Get outta here"

Our at-risk facilities seminar was adeptly led by Park University Criminal Justice Professor Dr. Ken Christopher, who was assisted by Park Professor Emeritus Dr. Carol Getty.

Gloria Laker (white shirt) leads production

Like our other US Embassy-Kampala sponsored seminars, it is our hope that this group will continue to collaborate and cooperate in the future on anti-terror messaging.

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  1. I would like to thank you Prof. Steve, Ken & Amazing Prof.Dr.Carol for the amazing traing and skills you've have shared with us during this period of time we've spent with you folks.

    I would like to tell that i have gained alot of information that i have before this training & most of all that the training has been hands on and has given opportunity to interact with allthese amazing participant for different sectors.

    You can be rest assured that this infomation & skills are going to be shared with my peers and my vigilance towards security threats has increase because know i that i have an opligation and skills to keep my community safe.

    Ohh!!! my best part of this workshop has been creating PSA.
    Bwette Daniel