Saturday, September 29, 2012

Reserve your copy of Professor Komagum

My new book, "Professor Komagum: Teaching peace journalism and battling insanity in Uganda" is arriving soon. For a limited time only, you may reserve autographed copies for $16.99. These reserved, autographed copies will ship after the official release date later 2012. Click here to reserve your copy.
For more details about the book, see below.

A good portion of the book is adapted from columns published over the last several years on this blog. So, if you like what you've read here, then you should really enjoy "Professor Komagum". Even if you haven't liked what you've read here, you should still buy the book to enjoy the pictures and the professional fonts and typography.

About the book: Travel to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, with journalist/educator Steven Youngblood, whose incredible 11 month odyssey will leave you laughing and misty-eyed. In his new book Professor Komagum, you’ll learn about peace journalism, and the role of media in preventing conflicts. You’ll also read about some of Youngblood’s colorful misadventures in Uganda eating insects, ducking swooping bats, and dodging testy rhinos. Professor Komagum also tells two poignant stories--one of six Ugandan orphans abandoned in a rural purgatory; the other of a terrifying terrorist bombing. Professor Komagum is a fascinating, hilarious, touching, and thought-provoking journey through East Africa and into the human spirit. Reserve yours now for only $16.99!

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