Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Headed to the Bronx, but not for baseball
I'm on my way to the Bronx, NY this weekend to teach Peace Journalism seminars next week. The seminars will be held in conjunction with Lehman Community College and BronxNet, a local cable TV company. As with my other workshops, they will feature both theory and practice. Stay tuned to this site for more about this project, including stories, photos, and videos.

Get your sneak preview of Professor Komagum
For a limited time, you can buy an e-book sneak preview (the 1st 100 pages) of Professor Komagum: Teaching peace journalism and battling insanity in Uganda. Click here to buy your sneak preview e-book. If you prefer to reserve an old fashioned printed copy, or if you'd like more details about the book, click here.

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