Monday, September 30, 2013

"Doing the wrong thing" symposium 9/27 at Park Univ.
Journalists ponder ethics, peace journalism, media objectivity 
Did journalists behave ethically in covering the Trayvon Martin case? Do journalists have an obligation to be objective? Do established media narratives fuel negative stereotypes? These and other complex questions were discussed during a symposium at Park University on Friday, Sept. 27 sponsored by the Center for Global Peace Journalism and the Department of Communications and Journalism.

Lewis Diuguid, Kansas City Star
The symposium,  “Doing the Wrong Thing: The Struggle for an Ethical Media”,  featured Kansas City Star columnist Lewis Diuguid (pictured left), who spoke about the ethical implications in covering the Trayvon Martin story. Other speakers included Park University’s John Lofflin, professor of journalism, who discussed media objectivity, and Steven Youngblood, director of the Center for Global Peace Journalism, who presented about media narratives and stereotypes, and how these can be addressed by peace journalism.

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