Thursday, May 1, 2014

Linking to Afghanistan, Nigeria, Uganda

A collection of miscellaneous stuff I'm reading and thinking about....
1.The first link is to an excellent, thought provoking piece about the Afghani elections, and whether journalists should report Taliban attacks during the election cycle. (If they do, are they helping the terrorists compromise the elections?) 
2. The second link is to a Time magazine piece that shows what we knew all along--that studying and working abroad makes you smarter because, among other things, it makes you look at the world from multiple perspectives.
3. The third link is to a story about a peace journalism course jointly taught by a Nigerian university and a college here in the U.S. This is a great idea.
4. The last link is pure fluff, but it's fun. This video shows clearly why I miss almost everything about Uganda, where I taught for about year. (What don't I miss? Boda-bodas, annoying motorbikes that zip in and out of traffic like mosquitos buzzing around picknickers).

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