Monday, December 1, 2014

What does a Peace Journalism front page look like?

My peace journalism class at Park University and I spent a great deal of time last week critiquing newspaper front pages from last Tuesday, the day after the unrest in Ferguson. (See previous post below). As part of this discussion, I had my students design newspaper front pages that reflected the events without being inflammatory. Since I wouldn't ask my students to do something I wouldn't do myself, I designed my own front page. (pictured). 

I was careful in selecting the images I used. Nothing is sugar-coated, but nothing is sensationalized, either. I wanted the headline to reflect the emotion of the events. But unlike many mainstream media outlets, I chose not to depict anger as the only emotion present in Ferguson last Monday night. I also chose to give peacemakers a voice ("Leaders appeal for calm" is part of the sub-head).

Ferguson discussion at Park University

Park University (Parkville, MO USA) is holding a program this Wednesday at 3:00pm, in the McCoy Meetin House titled “Ferguson: A student and faculty discussion.” The event features brief presentations by Park faculty Walter Kisthardt (Ferguson context: The roots of unrest), John Hamilton (Ferguson context: The what, why, and how of police actions), and myself (Ferguson and Media). A student-driven discussion and Q&A session will follow. Everyone is invited.

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