Saturday, January 17, 2015

Turkey Seminar, Day Two
Reporters, students produce counternarrative story ideas
According to the dominant media narrative in Turkey, Syrian refugees are thieves, freeloaders, dirty, and steal jobs from local residents. Today in our seminar sponsored by the US Embassy, participants came up with story topic ideas that debunk these media-fueled stereotypes while promoting reconciliation between refugees and their host communities.

These story ideas, including topics like highlighting Syrian culture, focusing on common Syrian-Turkish heritage, and telling the stories of successful Syrians, will be explored tomorrow in the field. We'll  be spending the day in a refugee camp (either a formal one, or perhaps a make-shift one) collecting information for our counternarrative stories.

Mosque impresses
Meanwhile last night, we explored the impressive, beautiful Grand Mosque of Adana.With what looks like an acre of floor space, the mosque is said to hold up to 50,000 worshippers. Interestingly, there's an underground parking garage underneath the mosque.

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