Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Reporting Syrian Refugees: Offering counter-narratives
MALATYA, TURKEY--As we prepared today for tomorrow's visit to a nearby refugee camp, the participants in the "Reporting Syrian Refugees" peace journalism workshop analyzed current narratives about refugees, most of them negative, while formulating different approaches that they will be taking during their visit to the camp.

Among the most creative counter-narrative story ideas were stories about a special school for special needs children, good neighbor relations, a trade/craft school for women, spotlighting talented kids, a wedding inside the camp, and a positive story about the educational opportunities inside the camp's fences. All these ideas share in common the notion that they debunk media-perpetuated myths about refugees that portray them only as victims, criminals, uneducated, etc.

Vibrant presentations today included a presentation of a documentary about refugees by Yelda Yanat, reflections about refugees by Dr. Nilufer Pembecioglu, a slide show by professional photographer Akin Bodur (pictured), and a lively discussion about citizen journalism by Tulay Atay and Aynur Sarisakaloglu.

A photo album from the refugee camp will be linked here tomorrow, with a report from the camp to follow in the coming days.

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