Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Journalist, family continue journey to safety
My journalist/friend "Robert" and nine family members are continuing their journey from South Sudan to the relative safety of Uganda. See previous posts below for details.

As promised, here is the latest dispatch from "Robert" describing his journey:

(AT THE UGANDA-SOUTH SUDAN BORDER)--"I left South Sudan on Sunday 14/08/2016 at dawn time from my village to Nimule South Sudan- Uganda border. This was to allow me move a little bit when it was dark in order for security men not to see me moving out with the whole of my family all from my home because they would end up arresting me .On my way, there were a lot of obstacles from south Sudan SPLA and South Sudan police forces who could not allow many southern sudanese fleeing for their life to enter Uganda (because they were pretending there was) no war in south Sudan. This is very different from what people see on the grounds i.e., frequent cases of claches between the army and the rebels in other areas in South Sudan.

Meanwhile, a lot of briberies were taking places in order for one to be alowed to enter Uganda. As we were coming, we happened to meet more than seven check points in ln less than twenty miles of journey from my village. They  checking people entering to Uganda. All those checking had to be paid in order for one to get to the Udandan side of the country.

We met differen tarmy forces on the road namely Matiang Anyor forces. These are forces  of the SPLA Chief of General of Staff Paul Malong Awan. These are presidental guards all are deployed on the road to check civilians leaving thier homes for neigbouring countries and police of different catogories on the road who could not allow people entering with heavy luggage.

While traveling we were able to see abundant homes of the South Sudanese ethnic groups called the Madi and the Acholi people who have left their home for refugee camps in Uganda and Congo, leaving their goats and other household utensils now being used by the soldiers. Some isolated case was where I saw some  soldiers  chasing goats from some of the homes that were abandoned (until) they shot the goat using a bullet.

Currently, I have left my family at the border and am traveling back to bring them (after) I have manage to retrieve the money for clearence for the whole family including accommodations in town here.

In conclusion, cases of cholera and measles are high in some of entrance parts to Uganda, and  many family are also dying as a result of that.

This is some thing brief to share and will share more if (when) I settle."

Stay tuned for more updates from "Robert" in the next few days.

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