Monday, December 12, 2016

Final update: Immigration does what Cyclone can't
Our peace journalism project in Chennai, India had to be cancelled due to visa problems (long, long story). We are en route home. All tired and stinky but otherwise well. And yes, petty, narrow-minded Indian immigration officials did accomplish what a cyclone couldn't--washing out our workshop. Words can't describe how disappointed I am for my students Erin and Kristine, who have continued to be exemplary travel companions despite our many travails.

Update--8 hrs later, still waiting; students still cyclone suspects

It's about 8 hours later, and we're still waiting for our flight to cyclone-damaged Chennai, India.(See post below) Our flight is supposed to leave in about 2.5 hours, but we'll see. Though I cling to my contention that my students guests Erin Harrell and Kristine Kennedy may be to blame for the cyclone, I must confess that I am proud of their whine-free demeanor during this travel ordeal that began 30 hours ago. They are real troopers.

Students to blame for cyclone
Chennai, India, where myself and two Park students are headed on a peace journalism project this week, was struck by Cyclone Vardah today. (A cyclone is what they call a hurricane in these parts). For details, see: .

We're in Abu Dhabi (UAE) waiting for our connecting flight to Chennai. Our first flight was cancelled, but we're re-booked on a later flight that gets into Chennai at 3:35am tomorrow. My Chennai contact tells me power is out in the city, and many streets are flooded. Thus, our seminar scheduled to start tomorrow will start Wednesday instead.

As for the headline above, one fact is beyond dispute: When I travel alone, no cyclone. When I travel with students, it's cyclone city.

More later.

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