Monday, January 22, 2018

Peace Journalism Project in Ethiopia Not Shut Down
(ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA)--As I arrived in Ethiopia this weekend, I was left wondering about my semester-long peace journalism project, and if the the U.S. government shutdown might affect the project. Today, I've learned the good news--since the government funds that are helping to pay for the initiative were encumbered before the shutdown began, my project will proceed as planned.

Thus, my four presentations this week to various groups here in Addis Ababa are still a go. When I'm finished here in Addis this week, I'll be headed north to Gondar, where I'll be spending the majority of my time this semester.

This morning, I am receiving various briefings here at the U.S. Embassy. I note with admiration the espirit de corps here, at least among those with whom I've chatted this morning. All seem to accept the reality of shutdowns as a part of government work, and all seem determined to work around the shutdown as best they can (while obeying the rules, of course).

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