Thursday, July 26, 2018

As violence flairs, safety becomes paramount

(CAMEROON)—As we reached the midway mark of our second peace journalism seminar here, I let out a silent cheer commemorating the fact that we are apparently being left alone by authorities. (Our first seminar in Bonaberi was shut down by police after 3 hours. See posts below for details).

This news is especially good because the seminar so far, featuring journalists primarily from the northwest region, has been nothing short of excellent. The 45 attendees have discussed topics ranging from peaceful election reporting to reporting internally displaced persons—a topic that might become of paramount importance if the violence continues to escalate in the northwest and southwest Anglophone regions of the country.
Perhaps the most interesting discussion swirled around the deteriorating security situation in the Anglophone regions, and how this imperils journalists. The journalists shared some of their ideas on how they can stay safe while violence flairs around them. These tips include getting proper journalist’s credentials; being non-partisan; avoiding hotspots where violence may flair up; respecting the rules of polling places; using peace journalism principles; practicing solid fundamental journalism in general; and, according to at least one participant, praying regularly.

The event is co sponsored by the Cameroon Community Media Network.

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