Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An email from a Ugandan journalist

Below is an email I just received from Betty, a journalist in Fort Portal who attended my first workshop.

"I still appreciate your lessons and work. I always read through your work and really find it important to me. I have adopted reportage as one of the ways to let the community know some things that happen in the community but they have been given a deaf ear and blind eye. I have moved to different parts identifying and exposing some areas of need in society. I appreciate your efforts because if I had not got chance to be taught by you I would not be doing this. (Linked here) is an example and report by me about domestic violence. When I aired this report on radio it touched many people who are now giving some simple aid to these young girls."

I wrote Betty back and told her how proud I was of her. I will follow up more later in this space about this report and these orphans.


  1. iam so touched by this report. which part of fortportal are these children?

  2. their original village home was in kyanjojo district (not sure if this is spelled right), about 40 min east of fort portal. their new home is on the outskirts of fort portal, about 15 min from the town center.
    i visited betty and the kids last weekend; stay tuned to this site for details/reports.