Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Work by Ugandan journalists produced during workshops finally posted!

Radio features, public service announcements, and sound bite montages about the upcoming election produced by Ugandan journalists are posted on my Podbean site.

Journalist arrested for sedition

During the last week, a Ugandan Internet journalist, Timothy Kalygira (below), was arrested (and later released) and charged with sedition. His crime? Publishing outlandish conspiracy theories on his website about the July bombings in Kampala that killed 80 innocent people.

The Committee to Protect Journalists, among others, has protested the arrest. Clearly, any charge of sedition is a direct affront to free speech, and worse still, has a chilling effect on the media, breeding passivity and self-censorship. Let's hope authorities here and elsewhere learn that attacking journalists brings them and their message more notoriety than they would have otherwise had if they had been left alone and free to speak their minds.

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