Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peace Journalism talk show enthralls, delights

OK, that's probably an exaggeration... Still, the program posted here (in two parts) is pretty interesting. It first aired on OPG-FM in Mbale, in eastern Uganda. The show features yours truly and some of my students talking about the Mbale workshop, as well as radio pieces produced by the workshop participants.

International Right to Know Day Resonates in Uganda

Today is International Right to Know Day—an event that spotlights the importance of citizen access to government information. In Uganda, a good Access to Information Act (AIA) was passed five years ago.
However, the AIA clashes with the Official Secrets Act, which the Ugandan government often uses to shield information from public disclosure. Journalists here say that getting information from government agencies is difficult if not impossible. Access to government information is an important characteristic of free speech and press. Until they get access, Ugandan citizens can’t fulfill their role as fully informed participants in a democratic state.

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