Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Short-circuit in Mbale

In Mbale, in Eastern Uganda, for five day peace/electoral journalism seminar. Rough going--no electricity in hotel most of the time means depending on battery power for my seminar; no electricity also means no hot water, which is no big deal since the water pressure is too low to power a shower at any rate. Don't get me started on the food. Still, my spirits have been lifted by the seminar participants, who are interested, engaged, and energetic. They're out reporting on peace/electoral radio stories this afternoon. I look forward to hearing their completed pieces, if the power holds out long enough to finish editing. I also look forward to my merciful return to Kampala Friday night.


  1. I'm watching your space closely, especially your insights into journalism in Uganda.

    Oh, and you are also now aggregated as a 'Ugandan blog' at http://blogspirit.ug.

  2. Where did you stay? I realize you are probably trying to economize, but there are hotels in Mbale that have generators and in the long run it can be worth the additional cost to be able to count on hot water and classroom support. I used to stay at something that called itself a Resort Hotel, as I recall, near the Mt. Elgon hotel.