Thursday, June 16, 2011

Peace Campers relax, reflect in Antalya

ANTALIA, TURKEY—Amid hugs and tears, 28 young people from around the world are saying goodbye to one another at People to People’s Peace Camp here in Turkey. The students have worked hard (producing a newspaper, and learning in sessions about peace) and played hard (tours of ancient sites, boating/swimming trip at the sea).

Also newly posted is a photo spread from the campers recent visit to the ancient Greek city of Ephesus. Spectacular. Click here to view.

On the same day we visited Ephasus, we visited the last home of the Virgin Mary, which is located near the ruins. (Photo--Group leader Barb Capozzi exploring the Virgin Mary's home).

The peace campers head for home tonight and tomorrow. Safe travels.

NEXT WEEK—One last Peace Camp column, and several more photo spreads, will be posted here on Monday or Tuesday.

Also, the campers’ newspaper, The Peace Gazette, will also be posted/linked here early next week. Stay tuned.

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