Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peace Daily online paper is worth a look

I've discovered through Twitter an interesting compilation of peace-related news called The Peace Daily. It's an interesting mix of news, blogs, and peace resources. They've even had the (semi) good sense to link to my Peace Journalism home page.

Students, teacher assess Peace Camp experience

Even though PTPI's Peace Camp/Turkey ended about a week ago, I continue to receive dozen of messages (and FB picture tags) from the camp's young participants. The teens were asked on FB what Peace Camp meant to them. Here are some of their replies:

--The best experience of my life. I learn about so many things, meet the most amazing people. Peace camp change my life.
--The most life changing experience of my life. Its made me open my eyes to so many things and has giveing confidence to acheve what ever I want. Peace camp is a life changer in so many ways!!
--Just like a candle in a dark room. People far from it will say "That's nothing" but people close to it will feel everything. Warm, bright and kinda "energetic". That was my peace camp. I'm sure this candle will light forever inside me.
--I experienced something that I had only learned from a textbook before: There is so much more to the world than just my country, and I love all these people from the rest of the world. But it doesn't matter where we are, what we eat, how we live, because what matters is the people and the connections you make with them.

What Peace Camp meant to me was an affirmation not only that most people are fundamentally good but that the political, nationalistic, racial, and religious barriers between us are only obstacles if we choose to see them as such. These teenagers chose to ignore the barriers, and the result was wonderful. (For more on peace camp, see previous posts below)

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