Friday, September 30, 2016

October Peace Journalist magazine:
Journalist as refugee in Uganda; PJ project in South Sudan
The October, 2016 edition of the Peace Journalist magazine has hit the virtual newsstands! Reports include peace journalism projects in South Sudan and Liberia and a new way to look at journalism--Peace News.

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Webinar by Jake Lynch
See below, info on a fascinating webinar being offered by Dr. Jake Lynch on "Peace Journalism in Media Development Aid."

The freedom of journalists to report on matters of public interest, without fear of reprisals, is seen as key to delivering SDG 16:10. But journalism in both the developed and the developing world has often been seen as imperilling peace – from partisan media in Rwanda and their complicity in genocide, to the New York Times reporting of Iraq's so-called "weapons of mass destruction" in the build-up to the invasion of 2003. In response to such concerns, a globally distributed reform movement has emerged, based on Peace Journalism, or – as it is sometimes known - conflict–sensitive reporting. Jake Lynch has been the chief ideas-giver of this movement, and has been commissioned to devise and carry out media development aid interventions, in the form of journalist training programs, in many conflict-affected societies, for clients including all the major development agencies. In this webinar, he presents the prospects for Peace Journalism to be extended as a contribution to building peaceful and inclusive societies, and enabling development. 

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