Thursday, October 13, 2016

Election rhetoric
As part of a two day peacebuilding conference (see website) sponsored by Park University and Johnson County Community College in the Kansas City area, I will be co-presenting a session on Rhetoric and the 2016 Presidential Election. Every time I think I'm about finished with the presentation, something else happens--like the Access Hollywood Trump video. In the coming week or so, as I finally finish the presentation, I'll be sharing some of my findings in two separate posts. The first will give an overview of media coverage (it's been very heavy on Trump and personal attacks), while the second will look at false equivalency, and examine whether Trump and Clinton should be covered as equals. Stay tuned.

Peace Journalism Principles and Practice
My textbook (see photo, left) was originally supposed to be published in mid-September. However, unspecified production delays have pushed this back into October. On Amazon's site, it shows an "in-stock" date of Oct. 16. (Strangely, Amazon also lists "used-like new" books for sale--even before I have a copy in my hands!) Again, stay tuned.

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