Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The candy man can

RUKUNGIRI, UGANDA--Here in remote far western Uganda, they don't see many (any?) muzungus--white people. Thus, my walk around the village yesterday attracted quite a bit of attention. About 10 kids saw me, waved, and followed me around while they practiced the few English phrases that they knew. ("How are you" seems very popular). After a few minutes, one of the kids asked if he could have a treat. Lacking cupcakes or cookies, I said that I had no treats. However, the persistent youngster pointed to my backpack, and sure enough, there were about 15 pieces of hard candy peering through the mesh. The kids were delighted as I passed out the candy--almost as delighted as I was in seeing their excitement. I'll visit the store and stock up on treats before I take my walk today.

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  1. I believe the dialogue goes: Hello ! "How are you?" "I am fine!" They usually recite both sides.