Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving in Uganda?

Although many Ugandans seem to have heard of Thanksgiving (probably from American movies and TV), not many seem to know what it is really all about. So no, there is no Thanksgiving here. I have seen 2-3 turkeys running around the last five months, but none were on a menu or a platter. Since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I am especially homesick this week. We had 30 guests at our home last year, including family and many international students from Park University. It's always fun to experience a "first Thanksgiving" through the eyes of these young people. As for my 2010 Thanksgiving, I will teach most of the day, and return back to Kampala in the evening to "celebrate" with 29 fewer people and 97% less food than last year. On the bright side, that second or third piece of pie wouldn't have been good for me anyway.

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  1. For future reference, should you choose to spend another Turkey holiday in Kampala, you have a couple of choices: Rosa's butchery sells fresh turkeys, you can put in an order (perhaps that where those local turkeys end up?) or Rancher's in the mall gets frozen turkeys from Kenya (pre-order) as well as good hams and the Shoppers will get in South African turkeys. I don't think any of the restaurants are on the bandwagon though. Oddly enough, you can find cranberry sauce, usually British, here and there on a regular basis.